Chairman David S. Gould is encouraging the public to participate in a survey to provide valuable feedback to the Micron Community Engagement Committee. “The Committee is made up of local stakeholders to ensure meaningful, ground-up participation and discussion of Micron’s implementation and investments in the region and will also include five ex-officio members. The formation of this group is a critical component of the Community Investment Framework agreement made between New York State and Micron in October 2022.”

In Chairman Gould’s October 18, 2023 press release, he emphasizes that Cayuga County is fully aligned with the Committee’s focus and the importance of preparing the local community for Micron’s presence. Collaboration between Cayuga County, the City of Auburn, and key stakeholders is underway, with local business leaders and subcommittees working together to address potential challenges and solutions. Chairman Gould expresses confidence that the community will be well-prepared and highlights the survey’s two-fold opportunity for community engagement. It is important to note that the survey feedback not only aids in preparing for Micron’s arrival but also helps enhance Central New York as a fantastic place to work, live, and encourage business growth.

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