The Cayuga Economic Development Agency is driven by a mission statement and a vision for development and economic growth in Cayuga County.

The Vision for Economic Growth:

  • Growing employment opportunities for Cayuga County and the region by leveraging our unique local assets and resources for business and job development.
  • Establishing a “One Stop” for businesses of any size or category where resources and incentives can be delivered in an efficient, unified manner.
  • Cultivating the diverse industries in Cayuga County and working to help them grow jobs and invest locally.
  • Broadening the spirit of entrepreneurship which has been the catalyst for Cayuga’s past successes and is now the skill set that inspires individual talent to drive business innovation to create jobs, chart careers and strengthen our communities.
  • Working to strengthen a creative business environment within Cayuga County that possesses low costs for housing labor, energy and land along with a talented workforce partnered with a proactive educational sector positioned with “turnkey” development sites.

Strategic Plan

In 2011, the Cayuga Economic Development Agency created an economic development strategic plan. Included in this plan are:

  • A summary of the area economy and identification of the key economic forces within our region
  • A sector analysis of the current business and industry mix
  • An assessment of the area’s economic strengths and weaknesses
  • An assessment of the businesses and industries that align with our strengths and economic vision

Parts of this plan received updates and edits in 2018. You can view the updates here.

Annual Reports

Every year, the Cayuga Economic Development Agency produces an annual report, which highlights ongoing and completed projects and CEDA’s activities and outcomes from the previous year.

Supply Chain Analysis

CEDA contracted with MRB Group in 2021 to conduct a supply chain analysis of the Cayuga County economy. The goal of the analysis was intended to:

  • Identify gaps in supply chains that could be ideal targets for business attraction and startup
  • Identify opportunities for additional intra-county trade
  • Identify areas where there are supply surpluses or by-product recycling that can create new market opportunities

CEDA uses this analysis to inform our targeted approach to business development and attraction, and thus grow a base of businesses that are a good fit for our community.

The full report is available by filling out the form below.