Business Expansion:  DuMond Grain, a subsidiary of the 6,250-acre farming operation DuMond Ag, LLC, expanded into the soymeal market by building a non-solvent soybean processing plant, bringing locally-grown product from seed to feed for livestock. The project constructed and equipped a new facility, with soymeal and cornmeal extruding and oil pressing equipment, silos for storage, and a barn. This business expansion allows NY soybean farmers to have their soybeans processed in NY State and NY livestock farmers (primarily dairy and swine) to buy NY grown and extruded non-solvent soymeal for their livestock.

CEDA assisted with the development of the business plan for their new operation and provided guidance with the Consolidated Funding Application process.  CEDA continues to connect DuMond Grain with other development opportunities and will assist with local incentives as the project progresses.

  • Location:  Town of Fleming
  • Project:  $3,277,000
  • Incentives:  $879,000 ESD Grant
  • Jobs To Be Created:  30