Business Expansion & Location:  Prison City Brewing has purchased and is in the process of renovating an existing building and constructing a new, additional brewery space.  The brewery will then utilize this as additional brewery space to increase production from 900 BBLS to 10,000 BBLS annually.  The location will also include a tasting room, retail area, event space, and a canning line.

CEDA assisted owners Dawn and Marc Schulz with CDBG loan applications through the City of Auburn and Cayuga County, location identification, and the NYS Consolidated Funding Application.  Our specialists also provided referrals and business-to-business connections to help with this project.

  • Location:  Auburn
  • Project:  $4,250,000
  • Incentives:  $900,000 ESD / AIDA Tax Incentives
  • Jobs To Be Created:  25