Susanne ‘Cookie’ Wheeler, owner of Simply Cookie and a recent client of Auburn SCORE and CEDA, opened her food service company Spring 2019. In addition to catering weddings and other events, Simply Cookie provides a daily lunch menu and runs the concession stand for events at Treleaven Winery. ‘Cookie’ came to SCORE and CEDA for help in opening her new food-service venture. She had a location and the financing that she needed, so the assistance provided by SCORE and CEDA wasn’t loans or grants but business mentoring.

Having most of the resources she needed to get started, we served as a sounding board of which she could bounce ideas off and helped her to organize her plan.

  • Location:  King Ferry
  • Assistance:  Business Plan / Referrals
  • Jobs Created:  2 full-time, 15 part-time