There are many reasons why Cayuga County has a favorable business climate, including:

  • Economic growth through agriculture, manufacturing, and tourism, three of the county’s target industries
  • A business-friendly tax climate, including a state sales tax that is 2% less than the national median rate
  • Convenient access to transportation outlets such as the Syracuse Hancock International Airport, I-90 and I-81, and the Port of Oswego

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Overview of Region

Cayuga County is a great place to grow your business.  From financing and technical assistance programs to various transportation options, Cayuga County has what your business needs to succeed.


Businesses in Cayuga County can ship and receive materials and products with ease due to the county’s proximity to a variety of transportation options, including:

Business Assistance

Businesses in Cayuga County have access to a vast selection of resources to help them get started and expand.  These resources include financing assistancetraining assistanceincentives and technical assistance.

Major Employers

Cayuga County’s major employers span a number of industries, including manufacturing, government, education, healthcare, and retail. Additionally, Cayuga County is a state leader in the production of dairy products, corn and soybeans. The established success of these employers is evidence of Cayuga County’s assets and benefits.

Target Industries

The manufacturing, agriculture and tourism industries are driving Cayuga County’s economy.  The availability of land for agricultural use and a reliable and consistent supply of electric power make these industries a perfect fit for Cayuga County.

Education and Training

Cayuga County is located near more than a dozen colleges and universities and is home to successful K-12 systems that include both traditional and technical education. Furthermore, 86% of K-12 students graduate from high school, more than the state and national averages.

Another asset to Cayuga County’s education system is the Cayuga-Onondaga Board of Cooperative Educational Services (BOCES). BOCES provides both career and technical education opportunities to juniors and seniors in high school as well as GED and continuing education for adults.


The population of Cayuga County is 79,552, with a workforce of 40,577 representing a wide variety of skills.

Cost of Living

Those who live in Cayuga County enjoy a cost of living that is 3% lower than the national average and 29% lower than the state average.

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