Above map shows where the hotel would be located; directly across from Emerson Park at the northern end of Owasco Lake.

“Bruce [Sherman] is professional, timely, and always willing to discuss and research any idea we may have as it pertains to our business growth or efficiencies.  If you have a business in Cayuga County, I would strongly recommend a phone call to Bruce and allow him to discuss how CEDA can assist your business as he did ours.”  ~Sean Lattimore; Owner/Innkeeper, Springside Inn

The Lattimore family is making an exciting investment in Cayuga County.  The owners of the Springside Inn will be building a 80+ room, boutique style, hotel with beautiful views of Owasco Lake.  Taking advantage of Cayuga County’s growing tourism economy, this $7.5M investment will create 40 new jobs and pair with the fantastic operations that occur at the Springside Inn.  It is has been an immense pleasure to work with Sean to make his dream project a reality.

Bruce Sherman is an Economic Development Specialist at CEDA.  Contact him by calling (315) 252-3500 or email bsherman@cayugaeda.org