Cayuga County’s economy is heavily influenced by agriculture as the county is among the top sellers of agricultural products within New York State.  This is evidence of the industry’s significant presence and importance in the county.  According to the 2017 Census of Agriculture, Cayuga County’s 225,204 acres of farmland produced $287.9M in market value of products sold.


Ranking by Agricultural Products Sold Among New York Counties
Grains, oilseeds, dry beans, dry peas 2nd
Cattle & calves 2nd
Milk from cows 2nd
Total Value 2nd
Source: US Department of Agriculture, 2017 Census of Agriculture


Ranking by Agricultural Products Sold in U.S. 
Milk from cows 37 1,892
Vegetables, melons, potatoes, & sweet potatoes 232 2,821
Nursery, greenhouse, floriculture, sod 256 2,601
Fruits, tree nuts, berries 331 2,748
Value of livestock, poultry, & their products 185 3,073
Total Value 276 3,077
*Universe is number of counties in U.S. with item.

Source: US Department of Agriculture, 2017 Census of Agriculture


Agricultural businesses in the county enjoy an array of benefits and assets, including:

  • Over 3,000 acres dedicated to certified organic production.
  • Support from the Farmland Protection Program and Cayuga County’s Department of Planning and Economic Development, which work with local farmers to develop alternative energy sources and foster agribusiness and agricultural economic development.
  • A growing value-added milk processing facility with product sales in global food manufacturing and nutrition markets.
  • Proximity to the expanding yogurt production industry in upstate New York that hosts leading brands of Greek-style yogurt.


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