Moonflower Macarons, LLC

Moonflower Macarons, LLC, was a home-based baking business located in Aurora, NY, specializing in the French macaron. The owner and primary operator, Theresa Mendez, is a self-taught pastry chef who has worked for several local restaurants and bakeries. In 2018, she began packaging and selling her pastries at area farmers’ markets and events. The commercial space that opened in August 2020 allowed the business the opportunity to sell online and ship nationally, as well as sell direct to local customers from their storefront.

CEDA Specialists assisted Theresa in acquiring a loan from the City of Auburn’s Small Business Assistance Program.

  • Location:  Auburn
  • Project:  $56,500
  • Incentives:  $45,000 loan from Auburn Small Business Assistance Program
  • Jobs Created:  2 full-time

Prison City Brewing

Business Expansion & Location:  Prison City Brewing has purchased and renovated an existing building and constructed a new, additional brewery space.  The brewery utilizes this as additional brewery space and has increased production from 900 BBLS to 10,000 BBLS annually.  The location also includes a tasting room, retail area, event space, and a canning line.

CEDA assisted owners Dawn and Marc Schulz with CDBG loan applications through the City of Auburn and Cayuga County, location identification, and the NYS Consolidated Funding Application.  Our specialists also provided referrals and business-to-business connections to help with this project.

  • Location:  Auburn
  • Project:  $4,250,000
  • Incentives:  $900,000 ESD / AIDA Tax Incentives
  • Jobs To Be Created:  25
Susanne ‘Cookie’ Wheeler, owner of Custom Roots Catering, poses for a portrait near the stage at Treleaven Winery in King Ferry. Along with providing the lunch menu at the winery, Cookie runs the concession stand for the winery’s events.

Simply Cookie

Susanne ‘Cookie’ Wheeler, owner of Simply Cookie and a recent client of Auburn SCORE and CEDA, opened her food service company Spring 2019. In addition to catering weddings and other events, Simply Cookie provides a daily lunch menu and runs the concession stand for events at Treleaven Winery. ‘Cookie’ came to SCORE and CEDA for help in opening her new food-service venture. She had a location and the financing that she needed, so the assistance provided by SCORE and CEDA wasn’t loans or grants but business mentoring.

Having most of the resources she needed to get started, we served as a sounding board of which she could bounce ideas off and helped her to organize her plan.

  • Location:  King Ferry
  • Assistance:  Business Plan / Referrals
  • Jobs Created:  2 full-time, 15 part-time

DuMond Grain, LLC

Business Expansion:  DuMond Grain, a subsidiary of the 6,250-acre farming operation DuMond Ag, LLC, expanded into the soymeal market by building a non-solvent soybean processing plant, bringing locally-grown product from seed to feed for livestock. The project constructed and equipped a new facility, with soymeal and cornmeal extruding and oil pressing equipment, silos for storage, and a barn. This business expansion allows NY soybean farmers to have their soybeans processed in NY State and NY livestock farmers (primarily dairy and swine) to buy NY grown and extruded non-solvent soymeal for their livestock.

CEDA assisted with the development of the business plan for their new operation and provided guidance with the Consolidated Funding Application process.  CEDA continues to connect DuMond Grain with other development opportunities and will assist with local incentives as the project progresses.

  • Location:  Town of Fleming
  • Project:  $3,277,000
  • Incentives:  $879,000 ESD Grant
  • Jobs To Be Created:  30

Wild Nectar Mead, LLC

David Lane plans to open Wild Nectar Mead in the Town of Ledyard in early summer of 2020. Using locally sourced honey, he’s planning to produce an assortment of mead styles and will add to the expanding craft beverage options available in Cayuga County.

  • Location: King Ferry
  • Assistance: Business Plan / Referrals
  • Jobs to be Created: 2

Octane Social House

Octane Social House will be a centrally-located community craft coffee and beer café, specializing in providing high quality espresso-based drinks and offering a selection of local craft beers and wines. Their focus is to provide an alternative to the typical ‘bar scene’ for individuals to gather and enjoy in a relaxed atmosphere.

  • Location: Auburn
  • Assistance: Auburn Small Business Assistance Program
  • Jobs to be Created: 10
Mobile Sharpener Lady

Mobile Sharpener Lady

Margaret Sullivan is in the process of opening ‘Mobile Sharpener Lady’, a mobile shear-sharpening business. She plans to focus primarily on sharpening beauty, barber, and pet grooming shears while she grows her business.

  • Location: Auburn
  • Assistance: Business Plan / Referrals / Cayuga-Onondaga BOCES (logo design)
  • Jobs Created: 1

Goblin Market

The Goblin Market is a sole proprietorship creating costume parts, craft aids, and the relevant social media advertising that go with them.

  • Location: Weedsport
  • Incentive: CEDA Microloan
  • Jobs to be Created: 3-4
Kelloggsville Farm Cidery

Kelloggsville Farm Cidery

Gail Morse and Robert Gallasch are planning to open Kelloggsville Farm Winery in Summer of 2020. They will produce ciders and wines from their own cider apple orchard, local orchards, and New York State grapes. Their products will be sold out of their tasting room, which additionally will sell their willow and turned wood products. Their cider and wine will also be available at selected local establishments.

  • Location: Niles
  • Assistance: Business Planning / Referrals
  • Jobs to be Created: 2 full-time, 2 part-time

Inns of Aurora

Business Expansion:  In the Village of Aurora, the Inns of Aurora utilized tax incentives from the Cayuga County Industrial Development Agency (CCIDA) to restore the former Shakelton Funeral Home and create its fifth inn.

  • Location:  Aurora
  • Incentives:  CCIDA Tax Incentives
  • Jobs Created:  6
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