Jobs Created

Currier Plastics, Inc

In 2021, Currier received Auburn Industrial Development Authority (AIDA) incentives to construct a 90,000 square foot building and purchase additional production equipment. Over the next five years, Currier Plastics in Auburn will be expanding in the medical market. CEDA provided Currier assistance with expanding their location for the construction of a new building and provided technical assistance to Currier in applying for AIDA benefits.

  • Location: Auburn
  • Project Cost: $17,000,000
  • Incentives: $2,586,328 in AIDA incentives (incl. Sales & Use Tax exemption, Mortgage Recording, PILOT)
  • Jobs Created: 25

Auburn Vacuum Forming

Auburn Vacuum Forming (AVF) needed an upgrade to the company’s production equipment. CEDA assisted AVF with applying for a Cayuga County Development Corporation (CCDC) loan, which allowed for the purchase two CNC machines and thermoforming equipment. We also assisted AVF with referrals for workforce development.

  • Location: Auburn
  • Project Cost: $141,096
  • Incentive: $93,296 CCDC loan
  • Jobs Created: 17

Mack Studios Inc

Mack Studios, Inc, a full-service design/build company located in Auburn Technology Park, added 25,000 square feet to its existing structure in 2021 as it shifted its operations into manufacturing face shields, as well as protective shielding for workplaces, restaurants and other environments. CEDA provided technical assistance with IDA incentives and resource referral for workforce development for the company.

  • Location: Auburn
  • Project Cost: $1,380,300
  • Incentives: $205,899 in AIDA incentives (incl. Sales & Use Tax exemption, Mortgage Recording, PILOT)
  • Jobs Created: 6

Auburn Downtown Revitalization Initiative Small Project Grant Fund (“DRI Grant Fund”)

The second round of the Auburn Downtown Revitalization Initiative Small Project Grant Fund (“DRI Grant Fund”) launched in 2021. The DRI Grant Fund is intended to assist property owners/developers, for-profit businesses, entrepreneurs, and nonprofit entities in the DRI boundary with investments that will help to meet certain goals that benefit the downtown corridor. CEDA worked with the City of Auburn to administer the grant to 11 projects in order to provide support to businesses and improve resiliency and sustainability through the impacts of COVID.

CEDA provided technical assistance to applicants seeking DRI funding. Throughout the process, CEDA staff were also able to provide these building and business owners with other services such as business-to-business connections, business planning, financial resources and assistance with accessing IDA incentives. Here are some of the DRI projects we assisted:

  • Auburn Furniture Service – Exterior renovations including a combination of roof replacement over shop area of the building at 26 Osborne Street, soffit and siding restoration, cupola preservation, and façade repair on north side of building.
  • Camardo Building – 131 Genesee Street, exterior renovations including a combination of roof replacement, window replacement, and awning installation.
  • Hairlooms – Historically preserve and protect building at 8 Genesee Street, full roof replacement and restoration of 3 chimneys and a cupola, update signage.
  • Mercato 35 – 35 Market Street, install signage and purchase various commercial kitchen equipment to open a specialty retail food store that also serves sandwiches and charcuterie.
  • Muldrow Properties – 123-125 Genesee Street, renovation to the 2nd floor and stairway from the first to the third floors.
  • Next Door Properties LLC – Full renovation of a vacant 3 story rental property (12 Seminary Street) including renovation of 3 affordable housing units.
  • R&M Associates – Complete renovation/rehabilitation of vacant and neglected house (16-18 John Street) as part of an overall renovation of the entire block. Will create 4 market rate residential units.
  • Shepherd’s Brewing Company – 132 Genesee Street, renovation of vacant 2nd and 3rd stories, including mechanicals, lighting, basic finishes, fixtures, etc. This will result in the creation of 6-10 commercial units. The project also includes equipment acquisition for Shepherd’s Brewing Company, which is located on the 1st floor of the building.
  • Thibault Building – 174 Genesee Street, building insulation, window replacement, and repair of overhang on the front of the building. Property includes 11 affordable housing units and 1 market rate unit.
Global Common Energy, LLC at Spruce Haven Farm

Global Common Energy, LLC at Spruce Haven Farm

The project will involve anaerobic digestion of dairy manure at Spruce Haven Farm and will produce approximately 6 MMBTU per hour of pipeline quality renewable natural gas (RNG). The biogas produced by the digester will be upgraded to pipeline quality, then injected into an NYSEG gas pipeline adjacent to Spruce Haven Farm. RNG projects reduce waste and long-term greenhouse gas emissions, while also increasing the use of renewable energy. CEDA provided technical assistance to Global Common with their CCIDA loan application. This project is expected to be completed in the second half of 2022.

  • Location: Union Springs
  • Project Cost: $12,600,331
  • Incentives: $314,498 in CCIDA incentives – Sales & Use Tax exemption
  • Jobs Created: 2

New Age Renewable Energy

New Age Renewable Energy began distilling whey and milk permeate in March 2020 when they began by selling most of it as hand sanitizer. They also looked for industrial ethanol customers and possibly markets for consumable alcohol. CEDA wrote a letter of support for their application for a NYS license to sell consumable alcohol. We also made a connection with a dairy nutritionist, who could help them to begin selling a yeast byproduct to put into dairy rations. CEDA connected NARE with several potential customers for their hand sanitizer product. We also connected NARE with several businesses that use large quantities of fresh water, another byproduct of their process.
New Age Renewable Energy is currently an industrial distiller that is looking to expand its productions into the beverage market. In 2021, NARE secured an equipment loan from the Cayuga County Development Corporation to expand their semi-automatic bottling line operations.

  • Location: King Ferry
  • Project Cost: $287k
  • Incentives: $85k County Loan
  • Jobs Created: 6


Veterans Memorial Park Association

Veterans Memorial Park Association is in the process of rejuvenating the Babe Ruth League Field into a tournament level softball field. This will not only be an attraction for athletes, but will be a draw for tourism and family activity. Veterans Memorial Park Association is a nonprofit seeking grant funds to being able to complete all of the necessary work to convert the fields. In 2021, CEDA Staff helped to prepare the association for grant financing with the Emerson Foundation, as well as the CFA. The CFA funds have been secured and the additional grant funds are pending.

  • Location: Auburn
  • Assistance: NYS Consolidated Funding Application
  • Incentive: $300k ESD Grant

Dependable Bookkeeping of CNY

CEDA staff worked with Tammy Wiggins to help her finalize her business planning and to look at her implementation plan. Assistance was provided with reviewing the wording of her start-up documents, as well as her marketing and informational collaterals.

  • Location: Auburn
  • Assistance: Business Plan / Marketing
  • Job Created: 1
Speedy Shuttle

Speedy Shuttle

CEDA staff worked with Speedy Shuttle’s Owner Shannon Harris to prepare his financials for the CEDA Microloan. The funding was used to add a medical transport shuttle to his business which offers transport services from Auburn to Syracuse.

  • Location: Auburn
  • Assistance: Technical assistance with loan application
Quilts by Commission Owner Stephanie McCall receives a certificate from CEDA Business Development Specialist Meg Goloub during a grand opening ceremony September 2022.

Quilts by Commission

Quilts by Commission (QBC) is an artisan workshop, gallery and classroom dedicated to traditional and modern quilting. Owner Stephanie McCall is a certified quilt historian who has been making quilts by commission since 2006. She decided to open her brick and mortar on Genesee Street in September of 2021. The shop offers quilts for sale, fabrics, classes and consultation to have custom quilts commissioned. An integral part of the opening of Quilts by Commission was the addition of a long arm quilting machine which required additional funding. Stephanie worked with CEDA staff members to secure gap financing through the SBAP to purchase the machine.

  • Location: Auburn
  • Assistance: Auburn Small Business Assistance Program
  • Job Created: 1

D&R Landscaping

Owner Rob Barnes participated in the Microenterprise Pilot Program. He used the classes, networking and grant award to stabilize his business model. Rob was able to improve his internal processes, which allowed his full-range landscaping business to grow and expand.

  • Location: Auburn
  • Assistance: Business Plan
  • Incentive: $5k Microenterprise Grant
  • Jobs Created: seasonal employees
CEDA staff assisted Avstar Fuel Systems in applying for AIDA incentives, and continue to connect them with financial and community resources.

Avstar Fuel Systems

Avstar Fuel Systems is constructing an 11,500 square foot addition to their existing facility and are acquiring additional CNC machines to expand their manufacturing operation in Auburn. CEDA staff assisted Avstar in applying for Auburn Industrial Development Authority (AIDA) incentives, and continue to connect them with financial and community resources.

  • Location: Auburn
  • Assistance: AIDA Tax Incentives
  • Jobs to be Created: 40
CEDA guided and translated for Elizabeth and Robert from Casa Latina’s through the Auburn City Codes process to obtain a certificate of occupancy. CEDA also helped with getting a permit for their sign, registering to pay NYS sales tax, getting a NYS grocery store license, and applying to accept SNAP and WIC.

Casa Latina’s

CEDA guided and translated for Elizabeth and Robert from Casa Latina’s through the Auburn City Codes process to obtain a certificate of occupancy. CEDA also helped with getting a permit for their sign, registering to pay NYS sales tax, getting a NYS grocery store license, and applying to accept SNAP and WIC.

  • Location: Auburn
  • Assistance: Technical / Permits & Licensing
Tessy Medical Products, LLC, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Tessy Plastics Corp.

Tessy Medical Products LLC

Tessy Medical Products, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Tessy Plastics Corp., renovated and equipped the facility located at 4900 Technology Park Blvd (former McQuay building) to accommodate the manufacture of COVID-19 test kits for a major medical company. Due to the emergency need for these test kits, CEDA assisted Tessy in getting a fast tracked approval of Auburn IDA benefits to support the project.

  • Location: Auburn
  • Assistance: AIDA Tax Incentives
  • Jobs to be Created: 200

Reuse Refuge

The Reuse Refuge is a small, retail store in downtown Auburn. They sell soaps in refillable bottles as well as other zero-waste themed items. CEDA met with them over the summer of 2020 to inform them about the steps needed to open a small retail space in downtown Auburn and also made suggestions of people and organizations they should reach out to during the process of opening their business.

  • Location: Auburn
  • Assistance: Business Plan
  • Jobs Created: 2

Cayuga Milk Ingredients

Cayuga Milk Ingredients is constructing a 2,408 square foot expansion to their existing facility, adding an additional 450 square foot silo, and installing a new evaporator and finisher along with some additional relevant equipment. This expansion will enable CMI to operate the dryer 24/7 and increase the plant’s processing capacity.

  • Location: Aurelius
  • Assistance: CCIDA Tax Incentives
  • Jobs to be Created: 1 (Phase 1), more to follow in Phase 2

Moonflower Macarons, LLC

Moonflower Macarons, LLC, was a home-based baking business located in Aurora, NY, specializing in the French macaron. The owner and primary operator, Theresa Mendez, is a self-taught pastry chef who has worked for several local restaurants and bakeries. In 2018, she began packaging and selling her pastries at area farmers’ markets and events. The commercial space that opened in August 2020 allowed the business the opportunity to sell online and ship nationally, as well as sell direct to local customers from their storefront.

CEDA Specialists assisted Theresa in acquiring a loan from the City of Auburn’s Small Business Assistance Program.

  • Location: Auburn
  • Project: $56,500
  • Incentives: $45,000 loan from Auburn Small Business Assistance Program
  • Jobs Created: 2 full-time

Wild Nectar Mead, LLC

David Lane’s Wild Nectar Mead uses locally sourced honey to produce an assortment of mead styles. Located in the Town of Ledyard, this meadery adds to the expanding craft beverage options available in Cayuga County.

  • Location: King Ferry
  • Assistance: Business Plan / Referrals
  • Jobs to be Created: 2

Octane Social House

Octane Social House is a centrally-located community craft coffee and beer café, specializing in providing high quality espresso-based drinks and offering a selection of local craft beers and wines. Their focus is to provide an alternative to the typical bar scene for individuals to gather and enjoy in a relaxed atmosphere.

  • Location: Auburn
  • Assistance: Auburn Small Business Assistance Program
Mobile Sharpener Lady

Mobile Sharpener Lady

Margaret Sullivan is in the process of opening ‘Mobile Sharpener Lady’, a mobile shear-sharpening business. She plans to focus primarily on sharpening beauty, barber, and pet grooming shears while she grows her business.

  • Location: Auburn
  • Assistance: Business Plan / Referrals / Cayuga-Onondaga BOCES (logo design)
  • Jobs Created: 1

Goblin Market

The Goblin Market is a sole proprietorship creating costume parts, craft aids, and the relevant social media advertising that go with them.

  • Location: Weedsport
  • Assistance: CEDA Microloan
  • Jobs to be Created: 3-4
Kelloggsville Farm Cidery

Kelloggsville Farm Cidery

Gail Morse and Robert Gallasch are planning to open Kelloggsville Farm Winery in Summer of 2020. They will produce ciders and wines from their own cider apple orchard, local orchards, and New York State grapes. Their products will be sold out of their tasting room, which additionally will sell their willow and turned wood products. Their cider and wine will also be available at selected local establishments.

  • Location: Niles
  • Assistance: Business Planning / Referrals
  • Jobs to be Created: 2 full-time, 2 part-time

Inns of Aurora

In the Village of Aurora, the Inns of Aurora utilized tax incentives from the Cayuga County Industrial Development Agency (CCIDA) to restore the former Shakelton Funeral Home and create its fifth inn.

  • Location: Aurora
  • Incentives: CCIDA Tax Incentives
  • Jobs Created: 6

Keith Titus Corporation (Page Trucking)

Page Trucking plans to expand its facility with a training center, as well as a health and wellness center for traveling drivers. The Empire State Development grant and CCIDA incentives will help the company purchase additional equipment to expand operations. In addition to the state application process, CEDA has been assisting with workforce development needs.

  • Location: Brutus
  • Project Cost: $10.8m
  • Incentives: $1.2m ESD Grant, CCIDA Incentives
  • Jobs To Be Created: 41

Volpi Manufacturing USA

Located in Auburn’s “Tech Park,” Volpi, a maker of optoelectronic modules for the medical industry, will be renovating a portion of its existing facility with new classrooms, installing new heating and cooling systems, and updating information technology systems.

  • Location: Auburn
  • Project Cost: $1.9m
  • Incentives: $320,000 ESD Grant
  • Jobs To Be Created: 17

The Muldrow Group

The Muldrow Group, which provides services to automotive dealerships, received assistance with its business plan and guidance when exploring the various funding options. The group was successful in obtaining a loan from the city of Auburn’s Small Business Assistance Program to purchase equipment and expand the business.

“It was refreshing to come here and have someone actually understand my business and have the knowledge as far as to point me in the right direction of resources. ” ~Brian Muldrow, Owner, The Muldrow Group

  • Location: Auburn
  • Assistance: Business Plan, City of Auburn Business Assistance Program
  • Jobs Created: 10.5

Aurora Ale & Lager Co.

Aurora Ale & Lager Owners Mark Grimaldi and Joe Shelton received financing to expand from a 2bbl brewing system to a 5bbl system, as well as upgrade their facility and other equipment to increase production and canning capacity. This expansion will allow the brewery to increase wholesale distribution, as well as increase to-go beer sales for customers visiting the tasting room.

  • Location: King Ferry
  • Project Cost: $198,975
  • Incentives: $130k County Loan
  • Jobs To Be Created: 8

Cayuga Veterinary Services

Cayuga Veterinary Services is building a new facility that more than doubles their working area. The new facility will allow the business to increase client capacity, provide more community services, and continue to expand.

Cayuga Veterinary Services has worked with CEDA to secure tax incentives from the Cayuga County IDA.

  • Location: Aurelius
  • Project Cost: $1,360,000
  • Incentives: CCIDA Sales & Use Tax Exemption and Mortgage Recording Tax Exemption
  • Jobs To Be Created: 11

Sterling Custom Canvas

Josh Sanders needed more room for his growing custom canvas studio in Fair Haven.

CEDA provided assistance, and in Fall 2018, he opened a larger location expanding his services.

CEDA is a great starting point for new small businesses. Having someone to call or email with any question from organization to raising capital or even real estate information is an invaluable resource. We will continue to reach out to CEDA for guidance and advice as we continue to grow!” ~Josh Sanders, Owner, Sterling Custom Canvas

  • Location: Fair Haven
  • Assistance: Business Plan, Site Information
  • Job Created: 1

Currier Plastics

Currier Plastics, Inc., a designer and manufacturer of custom plastic molded products utilizing injection and blow molding technologies, will be expanding product lines into the medical industry.

CEDA provided technical assistance and referrals and helped Currier Plastics gain access to Empire State Development (ESD) incentives through the Consolidated Funding Application process.

  • Location: Auburn
  • Project Cost: $9.9m
  • Incentives: $1.8m ESD Grant, $180k Excelsior Jobs Program
  • Jobs To Be Created: 20

Aurelius Restoration Services, LLC

Brian Chappell, Owner of Aurelius Restoration Services, restores and recreates pre-Civil War lighting fixtures.

Brian came to CEDA for business advice and was a cash prize winner in the Cayuga County “Rural Pitch” competition held at 2 State Street.

  • Location: Cayuga, NY
  • Referrals: Cayuga-Onondaga BOCES, Onondaga SBDC, Auburn SCORE
  • Assistance: Business Plan, Marketing
  • Job Created: 1

Next Chapter Brewpub

Next Chapter Brewpub Owners Scott and Michelle DeLap developed a passion for homebrewing and serving freshly made dishes while pursuing their careers and raising their family. After moving away for work, the Auburn natives returned home to open their own brewpub. “Next Chapter” fits into downtown Auburn’s growing craft brewing scene offering locally-sourced food and beer including allergy-sensitive options like gluten-free beer.

The DeLaps utilized CEDA’s services to gather information about available properties, local loan programs and other resources when opening Next Chapter Brewpub in Genesee Center.

  • Location: 100 Genesee Street, Auburn, NY
  • Assistance: Auburn SCORE
  • Jobs Created: 4
  • Start Date: August 2018

Divine Covering, LLC

Melody Johnson, Owner of Divine Covering, LLC, creates keepsake bridal bouquets; ‘grinders on the go’, which are ‘bedazzeled’ water bottles; and desk dazzle, which are ‘blinged out’ office supplies.

Melody worked with a CEDA Specialist receiving business plan assistance and business operation advice. She took third place in Onondaga SBDC’s 2018 “Cayuga Pitch” competition, held at our offices at 2 State Street. “The Pitch” is an annual, four-week educational series for entrepreneurs concluding with a “pitch” to local business owners and professional service providers. Top participants are awarded cash prizes to further grow their businesses.

“The process of becoming a successful business owner is arduous, but having [CEDA’s] support has been very helpful.” ~Melody Johnson

  • Location: Weedsport, NY
  • Assistance: CEDA, Auburn SCORE
  • Start Date: 2016

Soul Sisters Whispering

Soul Sisters Whispering is a cooperative enterprise of non-traditional healers. Practitioners use herbal and energy remedies such as Reiki, essential oils, and crystals to heal the body and lift the spirit.

The business owners came to CEDA for business plan assistance and startup advice. They also participated in The Pitch event, sponsored by CEDA, SCORE and the Onondaga SBDC.

  • Location: 286 Genesee Street, Auburn, NY
  • Job Created: 1
  • Start Date: November 2018

Simple Roast Coffee

After a few years of selling his locally roasted fair trade organic coffee in farmer’s markets, Matt Peirson seized the opportunity to open a drive-thru location on Grant Ave in Auburn, NY, to start brewing and selling his coffee.

Shortly after opening, Pierson’s kiosk grew in popularity, and he saw the need for a second location. In February 2019, Simple Roast’s second kiosk opened. It is located in Auburn’s west end at 321 W. Genesee Street.

“In the expansion of our business, we were looking for a second location. I was able to find multiple locations and multiple connections, and CEDA was able to connect me with those people. And if I hadn’t come in and just had a ten minute conversation, I wouldn’t have known that.” ~Matt Pierson, Owner, Simple Roast Coffee

  • Location: 360 Grant Ave, Auburn, NY
  • Assistance: Auburn SCORE
  • Jobs Created: 3
  • Start Date: September 2016

Summerhill Brewing, LLC

Summerhill Brewing, a microbrewery started as an experiment in a garage that has grown into a larger brew system and tasting room.

Owners Jeff & Sallee TenEyck attended SCORE’s “Simple Steps to Starting Your Business” workshop series at 2 State Street to help get their project off the ground. Throughout, they have worked with CEDA for assistance on their business plan, and CEDA continues to connect them with local resources for financing and benefits.

  • Location: Town of Summerhill
  • Jobs Created: 4 part-time

Auburn Hotel Ventures, LLC – Holiday Inn

Auburn Hotel Ventures, LLC completed renovation of all guest rooms, conference rooms, lobby, restaurant/dining areas, and common spaces in the Holiday Inn in the Summer of 2018. The renovations completely updated the facility, ensuring the long-term flag of Holiday Inn.

CEDA assisted Auburn Hotel Ventures with the process to incentivize this project through the Auburn Industrial Development Authority. AIDA awarded the project a Sales & Use Tax Exemption.

  • Location: 75 North Street, Auburn
  • Project: $5,100,000
  • Jobs Created: 7

Copper John Corporation

Copper John Corporation, a manufacturer of archery accessories, will purchase new production equipment and reconfigure its existing manufacturing facility in Auburn. This will allow them to expand production capability and capacity, insource production currently outsourced to China and other domestic locations; improve response time to meet market demand; expand into new product categories; and enhance sales and marketing capability in the US, Europe, and Asia.

Copper John worked closely with the team at CEDA to complete the Consolidated Funding Application to the CNYREDC. Copper John was awarded an allotment of energy through the New York Power Authority, along with a $280k grant through ESD and tax credits through the Excelsior Jobs Program.

  • Location: 173 State Street, Auburn
  • Project: $1,442,000
  • Jobs To Be Created: 12

Auto Wash Car Wash

Auto Wash Car Wash has opened their 5th location in Auburn. They have turned an uninhabited parcel of land containing a single-family home in severe disrepair into a new commercial building that compliments the neighboring businesses and will create 6 new jobs. Their other locations include Batavia, Canandaigua, Geneva, and Tonawanda.

CEDA assisted Auto Wash with the process to incentivize this project through the Auburn Industrial Development Authority. AIDA awarded the project a Sales & Use Tax Exemption.

  • Location: Auburn
  • Project: $2,365,000
  • Jobs Created: 6
  • Completed: 2018

Tessy Plastics

Tessy Plastics purchased the former Daikin McQuay property in December 2016 to consolidate their warehousing. In the summer of 2016, Tessy began a $31M expansion in Van Buren, NY. Once that development is completed, and with the growth history of Tessy Plastics, the Auburn facility will likely be the next location to expand their manufacturing operations.

  • Location: 4900 Technology Park Blvd Auburn (formerly Daikin McQuay)
  • Project: $10,860,000
  • Completed: December 2016

E. John Gavras Center

The E. John Gavras Center embarked on a capital project to improve their North Street facility and expand the capacity of their childcare program. In 2016, they were awarded an Empire State Development Grant to incentivize their project. CEDA assisted Gavras with the Consolidated Funding Application process.

  • Location: 182 North Street, Auburn
  • Project: $1,800,000
  • Incentives: $176,249 ESD Grant


CIDEC embarked on a 15,000 s.f. expansion to their current facility to add warehousing, light manufacturing, and additional office space. The $1.2M project helped CIDEC retain current employees and hire an additional 7 employees.

  • Location: Town of Aurelius
  • Project: $1,200,000
  • Jobs Created: 7
  • Completed: 2017

Aurora Shoe Co.

Aurora Shoe Co. doubled the size of their manufacturing facility with a $505K investment into building and equipment. The 5,000 s.f. expansion allowed Aurora Shoe to hire an additional 3-5 employees and increase their already booming export business.

Read an in-depth profile into how CEDA helped Aurora Shoe Co.

  • Location: Town of Ledyard
  • Project: $505,000
  • Jobs Created: 5
  • Completed: 2017

Carubba Collision

Carubba Collision is a regional automobile body repair shop, based out of Buffalo, NY. Carubba identified the east side of Auburn as an ideal location for their second expansion into the CNY region. Carubba renovated an existing building with a $520k investment which will lead to 15 new jobs and over $725k in payroll in Cayuga County.

  • Location: Town of Sennett
  • Project: $520,000
  • Jobs Created: 15
  • Completed: 2016

L.B. Lightning Cyclery

After retiring from the federal government, Mike Parks turned his hobby into a new business venture when he opened L.B. Lightning Cyclery in downtown Auburn. Parks utilized CEDA and Auburn SCORE for business assistance. He was referred to BOCES Graphic Design students to design a logo.

  • Location: 15 E. Genesee Street, Auburn, NY
  • Project: SBA Loan and CNYRPDB’s CNY Rural Microenterprise Assistance Program
  • Jobs Created: 3
  • Start Date: October 2016

Red Barn Stained Glass Designs

Karen Stewart worked with CEDA and Auburn SCORE for business assistance to turn a found talent into her own custom-designed stained glass business. She also attended SCORE’s workshop series: Simple Steps to Starting Your Business. Her logo was designed by a student in the BOCES graphic design & new media program.

  • Location: Town of Fleming
  • Assistance: Cayuga-Onondaga BOCES, CEDA, SCORE
  • Job Created: 1
  • Start Date: January 2016

Grober Nutrition

A Cambridge, Ontario company, Grober Nutrition, built a 60,000 sqft manufacturing facility adjacent to Cayuga Milk Ingredients (CMI). Grober takes CMI’s waste byproducts and further processes them to make animal feed for mammals.

  • Location: Town of Aurelius
  • Project: $12,300,000
  • Jobs Created: 48
  • Completed: 2016

Owasco Marine

Phase One of a two phase expansion project, Owasco Marine is constructing two storage buildings. Building One is 12,000 s.f. and building two is 8,400 s.f. These buildings will house customer and marina boats. Phase Two of the expansion project should take place in the summer of 2016.

  • Location: Auburn, NY
  • Project: $385,000
  • CCIDA Sales & Use Tax Incentives: $20,000
  • Jobs Created: 5
  • Completed: Winter 2015-2016


29 East Genesee Street Renovation

Urban Initiatives funding from the NYS Office of Homes & Community Renewal was utilized in the renovation of the former Mark’s Pizzeria building on the corner of John and Genesee Streets. The building’s upper levels had been vacant for a number of years, but the building now has a quality commercial space on the first floor and two beautiful apartments on the upper floors.

  • Location: Auburn, NY
  • Project: $150,000
  • Jobs Created: Approx. 30 construction; Additional jobs once commercial space is rented
  • Completed: January 2016

Competitive Advantage Partners

David Larsen, the former Senior Director of Enterprise Lean at Welch Allyn, started his own consulting business: Competitive Advantage Partners, LLC. He is focused on helping small to medium sized manufacturers and healthcare organizations improve their competitiveness through the application of lean business practices, by driving improvements in the “triple bottom line”: employee engagement, customer loyalty, and company growth and profitability. The combined focus on growth and profitability ensures that productivity improvements do not result in layoffs. He is also donating 10% of his time to helping non-profit organizations improve their effectiveness, so that our local communities are stronger.

Repair Plus

A-1 Pumping added a 2,000 s.f. addition at their Repair Plus facility in the Town of Sennett. The addition provided for increased customer waiting area and a larger parts room.

  • Location: Auburn, NY
  • Project: $300,000
  • CCIDA Sales & Use Tax and Mortgage Recording Tax Incentives: $22,000
  • Jobs Created: 6
  • Completed: Fall 2015

Alter Image Salon

Chansa Heiman, a former stylist at Regis Salon, dreamed of owning and operating her own hair salon. Unsure of where to start, Chansa and her husband John sought out the services of CEDA.

“We needed help locating a viable site, tips on marketing, and particularly, help drawing up a business plan. CEDA… identified the steps we needed to take to get started, the resources that were available to us, and pointed us in the right direction to complete the task.” -John Heiman

After several years of planning and a great deal of hard work, Alter Image Salon opened in downtown Auburn. Alter Image Salon offers unisex hair styling services and professional hair care products. “We are currently running right on track with our sales projections for the first four months,” Chansa says. “As more people discover us and the business grows, we hope to add one or two more stylists this year to meet our clientele’s needs.”

  • Location: Auburn, NY
  • Jobs Created: 4; 1-2 additional with growth
  • Opened: August 2015

Springside Inn

Springside Inn completed updating their banquet space as well as the build out of a new patio and lawn space that provides an outdoor event venue. The Cayuga County Small Business Assistance Program approved Springside Inn for a $100,000 working capital loan to help while the event venue business ramps up.

  • Location: Fleming, NY
  • Project: $100,000
  • Jobs Created: 4 full-time (expected, over 3 years); 4 part-time (expected, over three-years)
  • Completed: Spring/Summer 2015


Solarize CNY/Cayuga

Solarize CNY kicked off in July 2015 as the largest Community Solar initiative for NYS. Cayuga County, along with Cortland, Madison, Onondaga and Oswego counties held public workshops and open houses in an effort to make it easier and affordable for residents, businesses, schools, and municipalities to GO SOLAR! For current info about this program, visit the NY-Sun webpage.



Willard Chapel

Willard Chapel is investigating the means to upgrade their heating system. They were connected with NYSERDA for a free energy assessment and NYSERDA is continuing to help Willard Chapel identify programming to help complete the needed upgrades.

  • Location: Auburn, NY
  • Business Assistance: Referrals



Penird’s Snowplowing & Lawn Service

Penird’s Snow Plowing/Lawn Service opened April 1, 2015 and is owned and operated by Alvin Penird. Alvin provides snowplowing and lawn mowing services along with shrub trimming and mulching. He plans on expanding as his customer base grows in 2016.


D&W Diesel

Due to increased sales, D&W Diesel was in need additional warehousing space at their corporate headquarters in the Town of Aurelius. D&W added a 2,200 square foot expansion, which relocated their employee break area and added additional office space, offering more space to realign their expanding warehouse.

  • Location: Auburn, NY
  • Project: $350,000
  • CCIDA Sales & Use Tax Incentives: $22,000
  • Jobs Created: 13
  • Completed: Spring 2015


North Division Street Hydro Facility

Smart Grid Implementation: The dormant hydroelectric facility at the North Division Street Dam along the Owasco River has been repowered. Its former 800 kW Flygt Turbine came online in December 1992 and operated until late 2013. Due to mechanical failures and increasing maintenance problems with the Flygt Turbine, the City decided to completely upgrade the facility with a new Vertical Double Regulated Saxo Kaplan Turbine that will has a nominal rated power output of 1053 kW at 450cfs with a maximum efficiency of 91.7%. More information on this project:

  • Location: Auburn, NY
  • Project: $6,500,000
  • NYS Incentives: $1,200,000
  • Jobs Created: 1
  • Completed: Winter 2019



In 2014, CEDA and the CCIDA assisted with a 60,000 sqft expansion of Johnston’s warehouse and office space. A renegotiation of their existing PILOT along with sales tax and mortgage recording tax exemptions helped to close a financing gap and make the expansion feasible. The expansion resulted in 15 new jobs and an increase in sales that generated additional local sales tax.

  • Location: Auburn, NY
  • Project: $5,800,000
  • NYS Incentives: $255,000
  • CCIDA Incentives: $917,000
  • Jobs Created: 15
  • Completed: 2015


Auburn Public Theater

Auburn Public Theater received a grant from the NYS Council on the Arts, Culture & Heritage Project Grant to renew and expand Auburn Public Cinema’s programming, engage broader and more diverse audiences, and to help ensure the long-term sustainability, accessibility and affordability of this independent art house cinema. The project will implement a diverse array of new film series, increase the number of showings per week from 3 to 12, create 1 full-time and 3 part-time jobs, and upgrade the cinema facilities with a new HD digital projector, digital cinema server capable of showing first-run films, new theater seating and a new HVAC system.

  • Location: Auburn, NY
  • Grant: $54,600
  • Jobs Created: 2+
  • Timeline: 2015

Handy Skills by Mr. Mills

Handy Skills offers a variety of home improvement services including interior and exterior painting, remodeling, drywall, and repairs. Charlie received business assistance from CEDA including mentoring sessions from our Business Development Specialist. CEDA recommended Mills as a client to the BOCES graphic design class, where he received a professionally designed logo, lawn signs, truck decals, and business cards.



Live It Fitness and Training (LIFT) is a fitness facility owned and operated in partnership by Jessica Newert and Dennis Kelly at 321 Clark Street in Auburn. Jess and Dennis turned their combined experience in personal training and physical fitness along with their passion for living a healthy lifestyle into a business they personally built from the ground up. The facility offers personal training, custom fitness programs, extreme weight loss programs, nutritional guidance, strength and cardio equipment, competition prep, and group exercise classes. LIFT is constantly evolving to provide new equipment and programs for members. They plan to expand the facility and potentially open new locations as their business grows.

  • Location: Auburn, NY
  • Start Date: December 28, 2014
  • Assistance: SCORE, SBDC


Prison City Pub & Brewery

Dawn and Mark Schulz had dreamed of opening a brew pub for many years, and the stars aligned in 2014. To supplement the private investment they had raised to open Prison City Pub and Brewery, CEDA helped the Schulz’s to secure small business loans from Cayuga County’s and the City of Auburn’s Small Business Assistance Programs.

  • Location: Auburn, NY
  • Project: $235,000
  • CDBG Loan: $70,000
  • Jobs Created: 15+
  • Completed: December 2014


Lucky Frog Fabrics

Lucky Frog Fabrics, located at the corner of Route 34 and E Brutus Street in downtown Weedsport, is a small retail shop offering quilting fabric, supplies, and classes. CEDA was able to help Jill Odell, the owner, secure a small business loan from the Cayuga County Small Business Assistance Program to help with startup costs.

  • Location: Weedsport, NY
  • CDBG Loan: $17,500
  • Job Creation: 1
  • Completed: November 2014


Active Physical Therapy Solutions

Active Physical Therapy Solutions was quickly outgrowing their leased space and needed to move to a new location in order to keep up with their growing business and add new services. With a little help from CEDA and the CCIDA, they were able to purchase a building with more space and some new equipment to better serve their customers.

  • Location: Auburn, NY
  • Project: $537,000
  • CCIDA Incentives: $26,650
  • Jobs Created: 14
  • Completed: 2014

Sonbyrne Sales

Sonbyrne Sales distributes grocery items to Byrne Dairy retail stores. With help from CEDA staff and the Cayuga County Industrial Development Agency, Sonbyrne Sales invested more than $1.7M in the purchase and outfitting of the previous Owasco Beverage building on Eagle Drive for use as a warehouse and distribution center. As a result, Sonbyrne will bring an estimated 24 jobs to Cayuga County over three years.

  • Location: Auburn, NY
  • Project: $1,700,000
  • CCIDA Benefits: $40,000
  • Jobs Created: 24
  • Completed: 2014