You may not realize it now, but Seymour Library and the Finger Lakes Library System have more than just books to help your business. Any business in Cayuga County can get a library card for Seymour Library. That colorful card allows your business and employees to access everything the system has to offer, both in the library (like books about leadership or a GoPro camera) and online (like lead generation databases and training courses).

While the books, tools, and technology the library offers in house are fantastic and varied, I’d like to focus on the online offerings here. All of these resources can be located in the eLibrary section of Seymour Library’s website: There are many resources related to books, magazines, and streaming services, but mixed in you’ll find some specific business and learning tools:

ReferenceUSA– This powerful set of databases can be a serious lead generation and/or market research tool for your business. You can search for both US and Canadian businesses or individuals. The US Consumer Database even allows you to search for individuals based on just about anything from geography to propensity for charitable giving by analyzing individual spending habits. This means you can get a list of individuals in Cayuga County that are likely pet owners with incomes above $100,000. Scary? Maybe. Valuable for a high-end pet grooming business? Definitely.

Universal Class– This collection of over 500 training courses offers online instruction on topics ranging from Grammar 101 to Business Management. This includes industry/profession specific courses like HIPAA Compliance, How To Start and Run a Daycare Service, Catering 101, Workplace Safety 101, HR Compensation and Benefits, and so many more. Many of the courses also have Continuing Education Units (CEUs) to help keep your professional staff up to date with their accreditations.

JobNow- This database is available through the Online Databases/Testing & Careers section of the Finger Lakes Library System website with your library card barcode and password. This particular tool is more geared toward individual workers and job seekers, with links and resources for resume writing and preparing for an interview. However, it also includes career and skill assessments that could help an employer identify the best roles and strongest skill sets of employees (or potential employees) and thus put them on tasks and projects where they are the most likely to thrive. There is even live interview coaching and job coaching available via a live chat function.

So if you ever think, “Geez, I could use a new information/lead generation/training/employee resource for my business”, check with Seymour Library! And, as always, the CEDA team is here to help. Don’t hesitate to call if you are experiencing challenges or approaching a new opportunity. We’re here to help your business succeed.