On Monday, December 3, CEDA held the first Cayuga County Agriculture Economic Resources Summit. This event was held at the Cayuga County Soil and Water Conservation District Event Room and included two panel discussions and one presentation on New York Farm Net.

The morning panel discussion was on Funding Resources. Speakers for the Funding Resources Panel (in the order they spoke in) included Lisa Coven, representing NYSERDA, John Fessenden, from Farm Credit East, Lynette Wright, from USDA- Farm Service Agency, Steven Davis, from USDA- Rural Development and Tracy Verrier, from CEDA and the CNY Regional Economic Development Council. This panel discussed some of the financial resources available to agricultural producers or processors. The session began with an introduction of the presenter and their programs, followed by a question and answer period. A video of this session can be found at: https://youtu.be/ASwCaXUK9Do

The afternoon panel discussion was an update on export issues. Speakers for the Export Update Panel (in the order they spoke in) included Steven King, from the CNY International Business Alliance, which is an organization which helps Central New York Companies export their products, Zach Harding, from Lansing Trade Group (in January, their name changed to ‘The Andersons’), a national grain trading company with an office in Auburn and Dr. Andy Novakovic, from Cornell University, who studies milk prices. This panel discussed agricultural exports, tariffs, trade agreements and pricing, focused mainly on milk products and grains. The session began with each presenter giving an introduction into their area of expertise, followed be a question and answer period. A video of this session can be found at: https://youtu.be/nNXV6t8FMqY