Starting October 1, 2020, a standard New York State driver’s license will no longer be sufficient to fly within the U. S. (a “domestic flight”).

You will need to present a US Passport or a Real ID. You have a choice of obtaining an Enhanced Driver’s License (EDL) or the basic REAL ID license to board a domestic flight.  The EDL also allows you to travel to and from Canada and Mexico by land or by sea. (NOTE: you will still need a US Passport to fly out of the U.S.)

The good news is that you can get a Real ID or EDL at your local DMV, right here in Cayuga County.  For an EDL you will need additional documentation such as a Social Security Card, certified birth certificate, and proof of residency, so be sure to collect everything you need ahead of time and don’t expect to get your new ID the same day. The processing for an EDL takes at least 12-14 days from the time your application is complete. So don’t push off going to the DMV until October 1 if you are heading to meet a customer in Baltimore on October 3 – if you do, you’ll either have to drive or reschedule your meeting.

For more information about getting a Real ID or EDL, visit the Cayuga County DMV at the County Office Building (160 Genesee Street, Auburn; Phone (315) 253-1241).

If you need a passport for international travel, you can apply at the County Clerk’s Office located across the hall from the DMV office. Call 315-253-1271 for more information.

For more information on these travel requirements generally, see this article by the TSA: