The second round of the Auburn Downtown Revitalization Initiative Small Project Grant Fund (“DRI Grant Fund”) has begun. The DRI Grant Fund is intended to assist property owners/developers, for-profit businesses, entrepreneurs, and nonprofit entities in the DRI boundary with investments that will help to meet the following goals: 1) Reinvent Downtown as a vibrant center for living, working, learning, entertaining, and civic engagement; 2) Promote Auburn and engage, educate, and welcome residents and visitors; 3) Beautify the City’s streetscapes, public spaces, and gateways; and 4) Enhance, preserve, and activate the City’s architecture and urban fabric. CEDA and the City of Auburn see providing support to businesses to improve resiliency and sustainability through the impacts of COVID and directly related to these goals.

Note that DRI Grant Fund grants will be disbursed on a reimbursement basis, meaning that the project costs will need to be expended and documented prior to receiving the funds. Interim reimbursements may be possible at project milestones.

DRI Grant Fund Activities: This application is for for-profit businesses (including entrepreneurs), property owners/developers, and nonprofit entities within the DRI boundary for building renovations, leasehold improvements, permanent machinery and equipment, signage, COVID resiliency activities, and other eligible activities (See Program Overview for details).

Beyond what is available in the overview linked above, more detailed information about this program can be found in the Grant Fund Administrative Plan, which is available here:

Application Timeline:

    1. Application Review Deadline:  May 21, 2021 – If you would like CEDA staff to review your application and provide feedback prior to final submission, you must submit a draft by the review deadline.
    2. Application Submission Deadline:  June 4, 2021
    3. Scoring Review:  Mid-June 2021

Auburn Downtown Revitalization Initiative (DRI) Small Project Grant Fund Informational Session (May 13, 2021):

View presentation slides:

Please contact the following individuals as soon as possible if you require assistance developing any portion of the application: