On March 9, Executive Director Michael Miller was a guest on Guy Cosentino’s show, “Inside Government”, which is a segment produced by Cayuga Community College. The conversation focused on the value the Cayuga Economic Development Agency (CEDA) brings to the business community and the collaborative opportunities to work with other organizations to grow, retain and attract new businesses to Cayuga County. Michael emphasized the importance of economic development for everyone’s interest, including small business owners and policymakers. A thriving business community means we can better invest in ourselves. One critical area of need discussed was workforce development, as it relates to a shortage of workers but also a lack of skill set. Shifting the mindset to intentionally bringing businesses to Cayuga County that fit the workforce we have, and not just taking whoever and whatever inquires, is crucial. CEDA’s goal is to attract businesses committed to the community, including those involved in advanced manufacturing and complementary supply chain companies that will be coming to the area because of Micron. Ensuring the existing businesses are well-positioned to serve Micron, identifying gaps in service and understanding the assets within Cayuga County ensures a holistic view in pursuing a path forward.

CEDA is Cayuga County’s one stop location that works with business owners and employers to take advantage of grant opportunities and incentives and connects businesses with available resources for success. We invite businesses throughout Cayuga County to contact us to learn more about the available assistance through our organization. Our consulting services are always free and confidential.

You can view the entire segment here.