Earlier this month, CEDA’s partner, Empire State Development, New York’s premier economic development agency, announced the opening of the application window for Round Five of the Grow-NY business competition. Initiatives like these are catalysts for economic growth and entrepreneurial opportunities. They encourage applicants to innovate ideas to existing problems, which can lead to the development of new technologies, processes and products that create new markets, improve productivity and increase competitiveness in the sector. They also empower an entrepreneurial spirit by promoting risk-taking, building skill capacity and pursuing the spark of an idea that contributes to a culture of entrepreneurship. Additionally, these initiatives facilitate networking and collaboration by providing a platform for sharing ideas and forming synergistic partnerships within the industry. They engage investors, thought leaders and and knowledge seekers from stakeholders across the globe, spurring opportunity for new markets and attracting critical financial and intellectual capital. Furthermore they encourage sustainable practices through socially responsible and environmentally sustainable approaches such as crop rotation, organic farming, water and soil conservation, waste reduction and more. CEDA is proud to promote this incredible opportunity which has been attracting high-growth food and agricultural startups to compete for a significant prize and facilitates connections across the region.

Applications for the competition are being accepted until June 15, 2023. “This competition is funded through Upstate Revitalization Initiatives – Finger Lakes Forward, CNY Rising and Southern Tier Soaring – regional comprehensive strategies to revitalize communities and grow the economy. Global food and agriculture startups are invited to submit applications for a chance to win up to $1M.”

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