We’re thrilled to share that the City of Auburn has been awarded $8.5M through the Restore New York Communities Initiative. This prestigious award will support the renovation of the former Bombardier facility, marking a significant milestone in the city’s economic development journey. Governor Kathy Hochul’s announcement of over $112.9M in grants to 70 projects statewide highlights the commitment to revitalizing communities, removing blight, and creating economic opportunities.  Administered by Empire State Development, the Restore New York program, aims to stimulate commercial investment, enhance housing options, and increase the local tax base.

The City of Auburn’s recognition as an outstanding recipient of the Restore New York grant underscores its potential for growth and transformation. In total, Auburn has received $9.6M, with $8.5M allocated for the rehabilitation of the former Bombardier facility located at 151 Orchard Street. With this revitalization, the facility will have a greater opportunity to attract supply chain companies interested in leveraging the nearby Micron megafab in Clay, with the goal of generating economic activity and job opportunities. Additionally, the Restore NY Initiative has granted $1.12M to the city for a separate project located at 22 E. Genessee Street. These allocated funds will facilitate the renovation of this building into a multi-use space with commercial business on the ground level and residential units on the higher levels.

The Cayuga Economic Development Agency is proud to partner with the City of Auburn. The impact of this award on Auburn’s economic development cannot be overstated. The renovation of the former Bombardier facility will create a space that appeals to businesses and drives commercial investment. The influx of new companies will not only contribute to the local economy but also create employment opportunities, encourage growth and attract additional investments. Hope Knight, Empire State Development President, CEO & Commissioner, recognizes the significance of the Restore New York Communities Initiative. She emphasizes that these grants provide vital funding to empower municipalities in redeveloping and revitalizing neighborhoods, ushering in a new era of economic development and prosperity. Read more here.