As previously shared, Moravia was selected as one of the communities to participate in the New York Forward program, receiving a $2.25 million award to support transformative projects in and around its downtown area. NY Forward aims to ensure equitable downtown recovery for smaller New York communities, by providing financial assistance and offering comprehensive capacity-building and technical support through its program.

The planning process, which will conclude in the Fall of 2023 with the completion of the Strategic Investment Plan (SIP), aims to identify projects recommended for NY Forward funding by the Local Planning Committee (LPC). Comprising representatives from various sectors, including local businesses, community groups, educational institutions, and public service organizations, the LPC serves as the Steering Committee for the NY Forward planning process in Moravia. Co-chaired by Mayor Gary Mulvaney and Maureen Riester from the Cayuga Economic Development Agency (CEDA), the LPC will collaborate with Stantec, the State’s planning consultant, to provide input on the community’s vision, goals, and revitalization strategies.  After the SIP is submitted to the State, a multi-agency team will review the proposed projects, and a select few will be granted funding. These awarded projects are expected to commence within two years of receiving the funding.

To ensure transparency and inclusivity, public engagement plays a crucial role in the planning process and SIP development. In addition to ensuring an LPC with diverse interests, efforts will include two interactive public meetings, as well as the creation of a dedicated project website, serving as an online resource where individuals can access information about the NY Forward program, upcoming meetings, and opportunities for additional public input. The first public meeting will take place on May 31 from 5pm-7pm at the Moravia Fire Department located at 38 Keeler Avenue. The meeting is open to the public. To encourage participation, a 15-minute public comment period will be available at the end of the meeting. CEDA is proud of the village of Moravia for winning this award and looks forward to supporting the businesses and their projects recommended for funding.

We invite businesses in Moravia and the surrounding areas of Cayuga County to contact us to learn more about the available assistance. Our services at CEDA are always free and confidential.