The Cayuga Economic Development Agency (CEDA) has experienced significant changes and developments over the past year in Cayuga County, central New York. These include changes in staff, new project expansions, investments, and grant awards amid challenging market conditions. In response to Micron’s historic investment announcement, CEDA worked with key partners to organize and strategize collective efforts through various committees focused on workforce development, energy, housing, and site selection.

Apart from Micron’s impact, Cayuga County has witnessed exciting developments, such as a massive expansion project by Cayuga Milk Ingredients, the construction of a cancer treatment center, and the opening of Combgrown Mead. The region has also received grants for revitalization and economic development projects, demonstrating the dedication of agency partners and local leaders.

CEDA itself has undergone changes in staff and leadership, leading to an increased focus on engagement, visibility, and communication with stakeholders and the community. The organization has hosted events like the Economic Forecast Luncheon and launched “CEDA Sparks,” a virtual series to empower business owners and stakeholders with relevant information.

Overall, the positive developments and collaborative efforts have left CEDA optimistic about the future of Cayuga County, anticipating growth and renewal similar to the days of the Erie Canal. For more details, read the full article by clicking here.