After over a century, Lakeview Golf and Country Club in Owasco will conclude its golfing era and transition with a newly defined purpose, as the location for the West Lake Conservation Center (WLACC). This nonprofit has successfully acquired the property for $1.45M and is focused on conserving artworks and artifacts and utilizing this space to expand its educational and public engagements efforts.  The project, valued at $1.7M, is supported by the Regional Economic Development Council and additional funding in the town of Owasco. This expansion aligns with the town’s desire to safeguard wetlands from solar farming and ensure continued historical and cultural integrity of the area. The successful bid by West Lake, aided by Pleasant T. Rowland Foundation’s backing, and CEDA’s critical involvement, ensures the preservation of the Lakeview’s natural beauty and its significance to the community. CEDA is proud to have been instrumental in this project and looks forward to continuing to support WLACC with guidance and technical expertise to enhance the project’s growth and long-term success. Read more about this success story by clicking here.

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