The second round of the Auburn Downtown Revitalization Initiative Small Project Grant Fund (“DRI Grant Fund”) launched in 2021. The DRI Grant Fund is intended to assist property owners/developers, for-profit businesses, entrepreneurs, and nonprofit entities in the DRI boundary with investments that will help to meet certain goals that benefit the downtown corridor. CEDA worked with the City of Auburn to administer the grant to 11 projects in order to provide support to businesses and improve resiliency and sustainability through the impacts of COVID.

CEDA provided technical assistance to applicants seeking DRI funding. Throughout the process, CEDA staff were also able to provide these building and business owners with other services such as business-to-business connections, business planning, financial resources and assistance with accessing IDA incentives. Here are some of the DRI projects we assisted:

  • Auburn Furniture Service – Exterior renovations including a combination of roof replacement over shop area of the building at 26 Osborne Street, soffit and siding restoration, cupola preservation, and façade repair on north side of building.
  • Camardo Building – 131 Genesee Street, exterior renovations including a combination of roof replacement, window replacement, and awning installation.
  • Hairlooms – Historically preserve and protect building at 8 Genesee Street, full roof replacement and restoration of 3 chimneys and a cupola, update signage.
  • Mercato 35 – 35 Market Street, install signage and purchase various commercial kitchen equipment to open a specialty retail food store that also serves sandwiches and charcuterie.
  • Muldrow Properties – 123-125 Genesee Street, renovation to the 2nd floor and stairway from the first to the third floors.
  • Next Door Properties LLC – Full renovation of a vacant 3 story rental property (12 Seminary Street) including renovation of 3 affordable housing units.
  • R&M Associates – Complete renovation/rehabilitation of vacant and neglected house (16-18 John Street) as part of an overall renovation of the entire block. Will create 4 market rate residential units.
  • Shepherd’s Brewing Company – 132 Genesee Street, renovation of vacant 2nd and 3rd stories, including mechanicals, lighting, basic finishes, fixtures, etc. This will result in the creation of 6-10 commercial units. The project also includes equipment acquisition for Shepherd’s Brewing Company, which is located on the 1st floor of the building.
  • Thibault Building – 174 Genesee Street, building insulation, window replacement, and repair of overhang on the front of the building. Property includes 11 affordable housing units and 1 market rate unit.