New Age Renewable Energy began distilling whey and milk permeate in March 2020 when they began by selling most of it as hand sanitizer. They also looked for industrial ethanol customers and possibly markets for consumable alcohol. CEDA wrote a letter of support for their application for a NYS license to sell consumable alcohol. We also made a connection with a dairy nutritionist, who could help them to begin selling a yeast byproduct to put into dairy rations. CEDA connected NARE with several potential customers for their hand sanitizer product. We also connected NARE with several businesses that use large quantities of fresh water, another byproduct of their process.
New Age Renewable Energy is currently an industrial distiller that is looking to expand its productions into the beverage market. In 2021, NARE secured an equipment loan from the Cayuga County Development Corporation to expand their semi-automatic bottling line operations.

  • Location: King Ferry
  • Project Cost: $287k
  • Incentives: $85k County Loan
  • Jobs Created: 6